Though I am firmly of the thinking ‘do not reinvent the wheel‘ and magpie lots of my resources from others, I have created a nice little bundle of things myself this year. I’ll be updating this space with things I’ve made myself in the hope that I can be even a tiny bit as helpful as everyone else I’ve been stealing from the past 2 years!

Please let me know if anything on these belongs to you and I will make sure you are credited – I’ve tried to only upload things that are 100% mine, but there’s always that little worry! 

Lots of my resources are editable in Publisher or in SMART Notebook, neither of which are suported by WordPress, so you’ll find my stuff freely available on TES.

Angles in Parallel Lines – Missing Angles Gap Fill – Focus on justifications for missing angles in parallel lines.

Venn Diagram and Set Notation Handout – Introduction to set notation and venn diragrams from the new GCSE, produced alongside AQA guidance documents.

Types of sequence notes booklet – Introduction to linear, geometric, quadratic and Fibonnaci-type sequences.

Multiplicative Counting – Questions covering counting principle and basic permutations and combinations with 2 variables. No knowledge of factorials or A Level formulas required – all build from multiplicative counting principle.