Hi there!

Welcome to my blog, telling the honest truth about my life as a teacher -so far through both my ITT and NQT years.

Let’s start by giving you a name that is not a Twitter handle (though coming up with Arithmaticks is one of my proudest achievements in life…) I’m Kathryn and I’m Deputy Faculty Leader in a Secondary School in West Yorkshire. I teach maths at KS3-5 and am a huge advocate of teaching for understanding.

I came to teaching a little later than some, after a 3 year stint as a Trainee Actuary. If you read my first post here, and another I did as a guest blog for my lovely friend Steph here,  you’ll get a little idea of why that job didn’t suit me too well and how I ended up where I am today!

I blog infrequently and at random intervals at the moment – this has purely been a document for me to reflect on how things have gone so far, and so if I have time to, I update. I reckon my most useful posts for others at the moment are:

I’m hoping that over the course of my teaching career this will become a place to reflect more on my lessons, and a place to share resources and teaching ideas… Watch this space!

– Kathryn

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