My Very Own Classroom

So I spent Thursday and Friday last week getting my classroom in order for September. The idea of having my own room, after a whole year of carting things about in folders from room to room, is very exciting. I’ll have everything I need at my fingertips and where I want it to be!

I’ve also spent a whole year gathering ideas from other teachers, in my placement schools and beyond via Twitter. The blog that started it all off was this one from CorbettMaths. It lead me to the likes of Sarah Carter/@MathEqualsLove (blog) , @Just Mathsbunting, closely followed by @MissBResources‘ bunting and an old favourite of @SolveMyMathsMathematical Mr Men. Then the wonderful Artful Maths by @c0mplexnumber came to my attention… All of this meant that when my friend bought me a laminator as a graduation present, I couldn’t help getting started as soon as the holidays kicked off!

I started with this blank canvas from the previous teacher:

The desk set up was not for me, there was very little space for me to walk around at the board while teaching (which I do a lot!), but the display boards were entirely blank – the last teacher had backed them in anticipation of new displays but hadn’t put too much up yet. So aside from the scraggly looking blue one (students had picked at it all year!) they were a lovely blank canvas. I spent the last day of term rearranging the desks and backing my boards ready to execute all my ideas closer to September! By the end of the day it looked like this:

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll also have seen my pictures of copious amounts of laminating from the first couple of weeks of the holidays. I couldn’t wait to get started! I gathered all my ideas from the blogs above and laminated to my hearts content and packed up all my files etc. to take into school…

I decided on a general mathematical/number display, a Growth Mindset display, and ALL of the bunting. I had a hard time putting the bunting up across the room as I wanted to without it dropping every 10 minutes, and there’s an alarm sensor in the corner of my room, so I decided to put it up along the top of the walls. After 2 days hard graft, I’ve ended up with this lovely room:

I’ve made everything quite vibrant, and even included some quotes about maths and made my own Motivational Quotes (in the same style) for around my desk. I always have things like this above my desk at home, so I’m hoping this will make me feel a little more at home.

There are a few gaps left for a display initiative run by the school for my Vertical Mentoring Group (VMG) – that’s the France board – and for one by the Head of Maths which we find out more about on inset day. But otherwise it’s done – I think it’s a pretty welcoming place, and I really can’t wait for my students to see it!

As you can probably tell, I’ve made displays that can be static and stay up all year round. I was advised that this was best because I won’t have too much time for them over the year – and if the last teacher’s attempts are anything to do by, I really do believe it. I will update you if I change anything.

I also have a couple of videos that I posted to Instagram for the 360 degree view of the room, if you are interested: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.

I hope everyone is having a fab summer and that I have provided some sort of inspiration for someone/anyone with my compiling of other people’s ideas! Please give me a shout if you want any more info on anything in this post.

I’m going to do something useful, like actually plan a lesson to teach in my snazzy new room!

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