It’s been a while!

I feel like I always start these blogs with an apology of sorts for not writing one sooner. It has been an incredibly long time since my last one though, so I am well overdue an update. Part of my reason for my silence over the last month or so was due to serious workload, and the rest has been just downright laziness when I have had some time to think! Binge watching Gavin & Stacey on Netflix is far more appealing than blogging after the last hectic 8 months or so…

Anyway, part of that massive workload was my final few weeks of placement, in which I had to gather and process evidence for my third and final assignment. My chosen question was ‘How does Growth Mindset effectively aid pupil progress in mathematics problem solving?’ I’m glad I chose it because I was genuinely interested in it, while others chose to play it safe with something we’d already done a lot about like differentiation or SEN. It was a hard slog though, because it meant reading an awful lot of literature that has been on my reading pile for ages and that I never got around to actually doing… Plus planning the lessons, creating the questionnaires for pupil feedback and then tailor-making lessons based on those responses… & in amongst all of that, I was still teaching my usual lessons!

I found those last few weeks so hard, and I cannot thank my Uni Tutor enough for being there for me though my Assignment 2 feedback, dealing with me sobbing down the phone on more than one occasion and just generally being a kind and honest human being with bags of practical advice. I could not have done it without her. She’ll be getting a bottle of wine and a huge hug on Wednesday (our last ever uni day!) without a doubt!

Through it all though I have still enjoyed every moment, and some particular highlights have to be marking Year 7 stats projects and coming across beauties like this:

Having my little Year 11 revision class once a week, and getting big hugs when I gave them their little Exam Survival Kits:

My last week was also a smiley one because of this:finalreview

I am unbelievably happy with this – all my hard work, all year, has paid off!

I also received the cutest email in the world from one of my Year 7 students. He had been off ill for the entirety of my last week in school and I came in on my last day to this lovely email:


I will admit that I had a little cry. I wasn’t as attached to this school as my first one, but things like this made me realise that I’d made an impact there, and it also had one me. It had been different, but that doesn’t mean it had been any less useful for my teaching or for me personally.

To top it all off, the stress of the assignment and having to write it in just THREE DAYS (this does not sit well with my process of drafting and redrafting…)… I got a DISTINCTION! 🙂 74 whole marks!

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks at my ‘Job School’ for September on what uni calls ‘Professional Enrichment’/filling gaps in standards. I decided to go there to get some grounding before I start work in a couple of weeks and also to work on TS4 by helping to build the mastery curriculum in KS3. I’ve really enjoyed being there – I really fit in, everyone is so lovely and their ethos fits well with mine. I can’t wait to start in September (when it has been heavily suggested that I will have a room!!!)

Looking back at this time last year, I was in a job I hated, feeling thoroughly miserable almost every day. I cannot believe the turn around that I have gone through this year. I love every second, even the stressful ones, of this job. I cannot wait to go to work in the morning, and I love getting to know my colleagues, the kids in my classes and becoming a better teacher however I can. It’s an amazing feeling… I finally know where I belong 🙂

On that incredibly soppy note, I will sign off. But a reminder that the #ITTChat & #NQTChat meet ups are being held this summer. I’m so excited to finally meet everyone that has been supporting each other all year! So far we have plans for Saturday 23rd July at Slug and Lettuce Tower Bridge, London… we’re working on a Birmingham venue and I’ll be looking at interest for a Northern meet up too. Keep up with the latest at @ITTChat.

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