Long time, no blog…

Well, this feels strange! I’ve managed to grab 10 minutes in which I can’t do much that is productive before my next lesson; all my jobs on my To Do list take at least 30 minutes, except for this one (hopefully!)

I have been soooo busy over Christmas and these last few weeks in school that blogging has been the thing that has dropped to the bottom of my list, and then usually off it. So I apologise! I don’t want to bore you, so here’s a very speedy round up of the past 4 weeks!

The first couple of weeks of term were those horrid half-uni, half-school weeks. I decided I hate these weeks. Not because I hate uni or anything, but because being in school 3 days, then being dragged out for 2 days is not helpful for my organisational skills. Especially not on a Monday morning, when I have 4 lessons to prep for and my printer breaks… Since then the 5 days in school on block has been so much better – I use more of Friday to prep for Monday and my stress levels have been greatly reduced!

The best thing about those 2 weeks was getting back my first assignment and getting 67! A merit! I was very pleased with myself and its given me more confidence for assignment 2!

These last 2 weeks on block have been MANIC. In week 1 I had my ITT co-ordinator observation. It was with my Year 10 class who, as we all know, are not very enthusiastic at the best of times. However, it went extremely well. I got some wonderful feedback that actually made me cry (probably through sheer exhaustion to be fair…)!


I then had my Uni Tutor observation, which I was so worried about as I didn’t yet know the class when it was organised! But now I have got to know the Year 9 class, and I adore them. They are top set and have such a hunger for knowledge, they remind me very much of me and my set in school.

The observation went really well, and my tutor ended our chat asking me to share my Learning Objectives and Success Criteria structure with the rest of the cohort on our uni day in half term. Then she set my target to just carry on as I am! I was very pleased.

In general, I think I am doing well in teaching Year 9 so far. Yesterday I taught them the nth term of Geometric Sequences because they knew they didn’t NEED it but they WANTED to know it. ❤ I need to adjust my style to fit them a little more – I am so used to having to keep Year 8 & 10 interested and entertained that it’s very unusual for me to have a class that are simply entertained by the maths, not the codebreaker or the card sort…

On top of all that I have taught 3 Year 12 lessons on the sine and cosine rule. I was really worried about them because in the lessons I have been in, none of them had ever talked to me or asked for help! I imagined my lesson falling flat on its face because they wouldn’t contribute and was up all night worrying about it. I needn’t have worried because they responded to me being at the front of the room like any other class! I also think I won them over my letting them have 15 minutes at the end of our double lesson to revise for their chemistry test in the afternoon… I thought that would be it for me with 18+ for this placement as I’d been so scared before, but I’ve now agreed to teach them radian measure next week!

I think I’m also getting better at being the disciplinarian when needed. It really doesn’t fit my personality well to be shouting, dictating and giving out comments. But the people pleaser side of me is starting to get a little fed up of Year 10 not handing in their homework or misbehaving in class. I’m starting to put my foot down, and the kids are noticing (hence a complaint from a Year 10’s mother when he got a comment for substandard homework…)

Like always, I’m enjoying it so much. I’m starting to feel sad about leaving this placement soon, so trying to make the most of all the opportunities I’m given while I’m here.

And it is hard. I am so tired, and I barely talk to my boyfriend on a week night any more! I’m also starting to mush all my classes in my brain and can’t remember where I’m up to with any of them (though doing percentages with all of them at different stages doesn’t help!). But I’m starting to realise that I am made for this, not just because of my recent lesson observations and evaluations either. When I am in front of the class, I feel like I belong there. It’s what I was missing the whole time I was an Actuary, and I can’t really explain it any other way than that.

I hope you have all had a fantastic start to the year, and the half term!


2 thoughts on “Long time, no blog…

  1. A welcome return for your writing and a fabulous positive piece. Good to hear how well you are progressing as a teacher. You sentence towards the end sums it up so well.
    “When I’m in front of the class, I feel like I belong there”
    I would have to agree you definitely do belong there! Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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