Teach Meet ECT Icons – “A Lesson” is the Wrong Unit for Learning

Today saw me present a 20 minute session on curriculum and planning for TeachMeet ECT Icons. I really loved trying to distill my ideas about how planning should work ACROSS a curriculum and ACROSS time, rather than within an one hour block. My slides are below. Please do get in touch if you want to … Continue reading Teach Meet ECT Icons – “A Lesson” is the Wrong Unit for Learning


Ratio Tables Across the Curriculum

Yesterday, at MathsConf28 in Gloucester, I shared my obsession with Ratio Tables as a tool for multiplicative thinking. It followed on from my session back at MathsConf24 where I talked about using ratio tables for teaching compound measures.

MathsConf24 – Teaching Compound Measures with Ratio and Proportion

Today saw me do my first ever MATHS related presentation at a MathsConf. Technology got the better of me today and I ended up with a slightly blurry presentation. So as promised, here are my slides, so if you need to have them alongside my speaking on any replays!

A Beginners Guide to Being Second in Department

Once again I have left a huge gap between my last post and this one... this time my excuse is my new job at a new school. At Easter I took on a new position as Deputy Faculty Leader in Maths. It has been a huge change, and a huge learning curve. I got lost … Continue reading A Beginners Guide to Being Second in Department

2018: The Year of Wellbeing

Those of you that follow my blogs or my Twitter will know how much I adore teaching, and how I like to look on the bright side. You'll probably also have noticed that I have been quieter lately - both with the blog writing side of things and with my little Edu-Twitter hiatus over the … Continue reading 2018: The Year of Wellbeing

The Counting Principle – 9-1 GCSE Content

In the interests of making my blog more reflective and useful as a T&L tool for myself (and others if they so wish!) I thought it may be nice to talk about some of the lessons I have taught and strategies I am using in the classroom. This is my first attempt at doing so! … Continue reading The Counting Principle – 9-1 GCSE Content

RQT Resolutions

It's that time of year again - back to school! I think teachers are very lucky, in many ways -  today I'm specifically feeling lucky for the sense of 'New Year' that we get to have in the middle of an 'Old Year'. There' something about September, with a promise of a new timetable, new classes, new stationery, maybe even a new school... all these things are a new challenge. It gives us time to reflect on what we've done in the previous school year and how we'd like to make things better for ourselves and our students in the coming one. 


August Bank Holiday Sunday 2017 - glorious sunshine, lots of mathematicians and a spot of codebreaking... What more could you ask for? The first part of this story actually happened a few months ago, and once again highlights the absolute brilliance of Teacher Twitter. After my initial excitement of having an excuse to go down … Continue reading #summaths